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[Deal] Apie wireless Bluetooth headphones for $22.99

Apie Bluetooth Wireless

Most of you might not have heard of a brand called Apie. But it’s quite popular on Amazon with its series of products, mostly in the audio segment. The company’s Bluetooth wireless headphones can now be purchased for just $22.99 from Amazon. These are pretty decent headphones and are of the in-ear variety, which is how most earbuds are anyway.


The company mentions that the headphones come with 7 hours of talk time, 5 hours of music and 320 hours of standby. So going by that, the headphones should comfortably last you a day or two with a full charge. Of course, this will also depend on your usage pattern, so the figure is not set in stone.

There’s no telling how long these headphones will be in stock, so we urge you to head on over to Amazon’s site if you’re interested in grabbing these up. Amazon is offering this particular offering in a solitary Black/Green version.

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