[Deal] 2nd gen Google Chromecast for $30


The 2nd gen #Google #Chromecast can now be yours for just $30. This is a $5 discount from its original price of $35. Even though you’re not saving much here, this is a worthwhile deal given that deals on the Chromecast aren’t that common. This is because the profit margins for Google is pretty low on this particular accessory.

The first-gen Chromecast was a massive hit and Google has sold¬†millions of units globally. The second gen Chromecast brings the same kind of features on board, but with¬†a new circular form factor and the HDMI cable hanging out of it. The retailer is only offering the Black model of the Chromecast with this deal, so you don’t have much in terms of color choices.

The deal might not last long, so we suggest you hop on board the deal while the product is still available.

Get the 2nd gen Google Chromecast for just $30 on eBay!