Creating GIFs on WhatsApp is as easy as sending a video of 6-seconds or lower


Users of #WhatsApp have found it quite a challenge to send GIFs to their contacts. It seems like doing this is as easy as cropping a video to 6-seconds or under. This was not possible before, so we’re guessing the company has secretly added support for this. All you have to do is start recording a video (with a maximum duration of 6 seconds) and send it over to your contacts.

Now when you go back to your recent media history on WhatsApp, you will see that the video is listed as a GIF. While this is not exactly the same as sending actual GIFs, it’s good to know that WhatsApp users have a way to make them on their own. This is in start contrast to rival IM apps like Telegram, which offers a wide library of GIFs curated by GIPHY.

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Via: Android Police