You can now unlock the bootloader on your ZTE Axon 7 or Axon Pro

ZTE Axon 7

#ZTE has given some good news to customers of the #Axon7 and the #AxonPro. The company has announced that owners of the handsets will be able to unlock the bootloaders on their devices right away, as long as they send in a request form. The company mentions that it could take up to three days after that for ZTE to send you the unlocking process. It is also made apparent that the warranty (known as Passport 2.0) will be voided once you unlock the bootloader.

When the ZTE Axon 7 was originally announced, it was mentioned that the bootloader on the device will be unlockable, allowing users to flash as many ROMs on the device as they want. However, things were quite different when the device actually reached the customers’ hands as the smartphone was revealed to be packing a locked bootloader. The company’s customer service team mentioned that the bootloader would not be unlockable, basically contradicting what was said during the announcement.

But as it turns out, this was all just a misunderstanding from ZTE’s Twitter and customer support team. This was clarified by¬†Peter Shih, who is the forum moderator at the ZTE community forum. So the good news is that if you own a ZTE Axon 7 or Axon Pro in the U.S., you will be eligible to get your bootloader unlocked, but only if you want to.

Source: ZTE Community

Via: Android Authority