AT&T ditches overages on data, will reduce data speeds after data limit is reached

AT&T NumberSync

Following the announcement of T-Mobile ONE, AT&T has given some news to its customers. Starting August 21, the carrier will ditch data overages altogether, instead resorting to reduced data speeds instead. This will mean that customers won’t be in for a surprise in their monthly bills and they will immediately realize that their data cap has been exhausted when the speeds are reduced.

Of course, users can also choose to get additional data if they choose, with denominations ranging from 1GB to 100GB. Further, you won’t be shelling out much as you will be adding more data for a nominal amount (ex: $20/month for 10GB of data).

Customers will welcome the announcement of this feature by AT&T. While it might not get a lot of attention given the T-Mobile ONE reveal, there is no denying that this will make the lives of the consumers a whole lot easier and less worrisome. After all, nobody likes a surprise on their monthly data bills.

Source: AT&T

Via: Android Central