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Unconvincing leak supposedly reveals images of the 2016 Huawei Nexus

Huawei NexusA new leak of what could well be Huawei’s 2016 Nexus smartphone has appeared online. While it might seem like a #Nexus device at first, the lack of a Nexus logo and the striking familiarity with the Honor 5X makes us think otherwise.

In fact, the handset has the logo of prepaid carrier TracFone on the back, suggesting strongly that this is in fact the Honor 5X and not the new Nexus. If you recall, a Huawei South Africa official recently confirmed that the company will be making another Nexus device this year. However, it wasn’t stated if that would be a smartphone or a tablet.

Knowing that HTC is going to be launching two Nexus phones this year, it’s likely that Huawei will end up making a tablet instead. As for the reasoning behind this leak, well, it is said that this newly revealed handset has the model numbers H1621 + H1622 while the Nexus 6P from last year had H1511 + H1512. Going by this alone, one can’t ascertain that this leak is the real deal. So until such a leak appears, we can say with certainty that this is probably not the 2016 Huawei Nexus phone.

What do you make of it?

Via: Phone Arena

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