Samsung Galaxy S8 to come equipped with a VR compatible 4K display: Rumor

Galaxy S8

While #Huawei is expected to be releasing a #Daydream compatible phone later this year, a new rumor is suggesting that Samsung’s #GalaxyS8 could have the same honor next year. It is said that the smartphone will be equipped with a 4K resolution display to assist with close proximity viewing. It’s no secret that companies are banking heavily on virtual reality, so it’s only fair that Samsung would widen its horizons to achieve this goal. Perhaps we’ll even see an upgraded version of the Gear VR along with it next year.

Right now, all the buzz and hype is surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 flagship, which will be shown off in about a week’s time. But we expect things to be back to normal once the buzz has settled down and we begin counting down to February/March when the Galaxy S8 is expected to be revealed. The addition of a 4K display, in this case, will not merely be a novelty feature as virtual reality seems to be the focus.

Of course, as we always say, this is a rumor for now, so be mindful to treat it as such.

Source: myDrivers – Translated

Via: Phone Arena