Samsung Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi Connection Disconnects When Screen Off Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Samsung #Galaxy #S6 fix the issues that they have with their phone. Today we will tackle the Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi connection disconnects when screen off issue & other related problems. What happens in this case is that the Wi-Fi connections works perfectly fine if the screen is turned on. Once the screen times out then the Wi-Fi connection disconnects. We will tackle this issue as well as other connectivity related problems sent to us by our readers.

Samsung Galaxy S6

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S6 Wi-Fi Connection Disconnects When Screen Off

Problem: As soon as my screen turns off, the Wifi connection is lost. And after turning on the screen it takes some time to connect with Wifi or I have to refresh my Wifi connection. Let me know what can be the issue and what is the solution for this issue.

Solution: If your Wi-Fi disconnects when the screen turns off then the first thing you should check is if the Wi-Fi is set to turn off when the phone sleeps. To do this open the Wi-Fi setting then click on the three dot menu. Tap on Advanced and make sure that the “ Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” is activated.

If the issue still persist then try forgetting the Wi-Fi connection then reboot the phone. Once the phone has started search for the Wi-Fi connection again then connect to it.  Check again if the issue still occurs.

Another factor that can cause this issue is an app you downloaded. To check if this is the case start your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run. Check if the issue occurs in this mode. If the problem doesn’t occur then it could be caused by an app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

One final troubleshooting step that you can do should the above steps fail is a factory reset. Take note that this will erase your phone data so make sure to have a backup copy before doing the reset.

S6 Connect Option On Wi-Fi Can’t Be Chosen

Problem: Attempting to connect to my work wifi – there are 3 wireless networks here and all have same password.  I have attempted all of them and after entering them and hitting ‘done’ on my keyboard, the connect option in the wifi box doesn’t become a solid color so that I can click it.  Any thoughts on why?

Solution: This could be caused by a glitch in the phone software. Try starting the phone in recovery mode then wipe its cache partition. This deletes any temporary system data which could be causing the problem. Restart the phone then check if the issue still occurs. If it does then proceed with checking if a third party app is causing the problem by starting your phone in Safe Mode. When the phone is running in this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run. Check if you are able to connect to a Wi-Fi network in this mode. If you can connect then the issue might be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

One last troubleshooting step you should consider should the above steps fail is a factory reset. Take note that you need to backup your phone data before doing the reset.

S6 No Connection In Facebook

Problem: I keep having issues with fb saying cannot connect. This has only started happening since my phone updated to 6.0.1. How do i fix this issue.  I have cleared the cached data but still having issues. Don’t really want to do a factory reset as i have done that before and backed up my phone to a computer and was then unable to restore backed up stuff. Is there a patch available that will fix this issue???

Solution: If this issue occurs only when using the Facebook app then this might be an app related problem. Try uninstalling the app then install a fresh version from the Google Play Store.

S6 Can’t Connect Right Now Error

Problem: I can access Facebook but when I try and click on  news link it says  “can’t connect right now” When I click more is says “check internet settings.” My wifi says I am connected and it shows a strong signal.  I have AT&T phone service and Google Fiber internet wifi. I guess I need to know if it’s a phone issue or a Google Fiber wifi issue.

Solution: It’s possible that this could be a connection related problem. Try using your mobile data subscription and check if the issue still occurs. You can also try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network. Id the same problem exists then try clicking on other links as the website that you are redirected to might be offline.

S6 Stuck In Restarting Wi-Fi Screen

Problem: Noticed my S6 phone did an update yesterday morning. I was not able to make calls all day. Spoke with Straighttalk, who suggested a factory reset, now can’t get past the restarting Wi-Fi screen, as it can not find my home IP address. They are sending me a new phone (2 weeks). Is there something I can do to get this working?

Solution: Since the issue occured right after a factory reset then the problem could be caused by the update itself. You can however try troubleshooting this further by following the steps listed below. Make sure to have a backup of your phone data before proceeding with this.

  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode
  • Do a factory reset in recovery mode.

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