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Samsung announces blazing fast UFS removable cards to replace microSD

Samsung UFS Card

Samsung Electronics has just unveiled a new series of UFS 1.0 based removable cards, which looks exactly like a microSD card, but comes with significantly faster data transfer speeds. The UFS cards are based on the UFS 1.0 standard, with the company using UFS 2.0 based modules for the internal storage on its flagships (starting with the Galaxy S6).

The UFS card offered by Samsung will come in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB storage variants, basically converting your device into a full blown hard drive. This can be likened to an SSD or solid-state drive in terms of performance, which means that one of the biggest complaints with microSD cards i.e. slow data speeds will be thrown out the window with the UFS cards.

These come with sequential read speeds of 530MB/s, which is basically 5x better than standard microSD cards that are sold in the market today. If you were thinking about picking one of these up, well you’re in for major disappointment. While it looks similar to a microSD card, the UFS card is incompatible with existing microSD card slots. So you won’t be able to take advantage of these until there are phones that support UFS cards.

With this launch, we can expect future devices (Samsung ones at least) to come with a UFS card slot, ditching the microSD card slot for good. Perhaps there could be a hybrid port that would allow the functioning of both? Well, that might be down to wishful thinking.

What do you make of this new launch?

Source: Samsung

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