New Android malware called “HummingBad” unearthed

Android Malware

Security researchers have found a new #Android malware called “HummingBad” which was seemingly developed by Chinese developers. It is said that this bug comes from an advertising analytics agency known as Yingmob, which has been accused of deploying malware for iOS before. The company is seemingly involved in the development of ad platforms. Well, that’s what they claim to do anyway.

In reality, the HummingBad malware supposedly puts in a rootkit on devices that can allow administrative access to attackers. This will then aid in the installation of the apps that they desire. All this without any knowledge or notice to the user. The security firm that brought this particular malware to the fore, Check Point, claims that the company might even use the device and user information they have and sell it to third parties, making this a massive security risk as well.

We haven’t heard much about this malware from Google as of yet, but it is said that it mostly impacts devices in China, India etc, so it could be limited to the Asian markets. Only 288,000 devices were supposedly found to be infected in the U.S., while close to 1.5 million devices were affected by Hummingbad in China and India respectively.

Source: Check Point

Via: Android Headlines