Galaxy S5 battery drain issue after Android update, other issues

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  1. Galaxy S5 stops working properly after direct sunlight exposure
  2. Galaxy S5 not charging
  3. How to fix Galaxy S5 issues after Marshmallow update | Galaxy S5 battery drain issue after Android update | Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi keeps scanning after Marshmallow update
  4. Galaxy S5 won’t turn on
  5. Voice sounds like a robot when using a Galaxy S5 during calls

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Problem #1: Galaxy S5 stops working properly after direct sunlight exposure

Hi PLEASE HELP! I was an idiot and left my phone in the sun for about 10 minutes. When I tried to restart it, I got the Samsung logo through the AT&T logo (light at top left of phone is on while this is occurring) to load. Then the screen goes blank and after about three seconds, the process begins again… wash…rinse…and repeat (and repeat, and repeat…). IF I plug the phone in to a charger, (the battery charge % will display as usual when the phone is off). I can reboot the phone completely, make calls, text, take calls, etc. In other words, normal functionality when connected to a wall charger. Once disconnected, I can make calls, take calls, text, etc… for a period. (it worked like normal for about a day after the extreme tanning incident) periodically, if I go to make a call, the screen goes black and the wash, rinse repeat (WWR) cycle (as described above) starts again.

I have tried a soft reboot, removing, replacing the memory card, SIM Card, battery, etc…resulting in a brief period of normal operation before the WRR cycle commences. PLEASE HELP.  I don’t want to have to revert to my Lumia backup.

THANK YOU for anything you can do here. Sincerely. — Patrick

Solution: Hi Patrick. Direct exposure to sunlight, like water damage and a dropping from a height, almost always results to hardware damage and eventual malfunction. If the symptoms you’re experiencing were not there before you left the phone under direct sunlight, you can safely assume that you have a bad hardware. It’s possible though that only the battery has been affected so we recommend that you buy a new battery and try that first. If that won’t bring the normal functionality of your S5, consider having it replaced.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 not charging

Hey guys. A few weeks ago my phone started charging on and off seemingly whenever it felt like it and slowly started getting worse until it would not charge at all while turned on.

It charges now while it’s turned off but charges on and off as if i was plugging it in, then unplugging it every few seconds. The first time I booted it up in safe mode, it charged normally but that only worked once. Now it doesn’t charge at all in safe mode either.

I have tried multiple charging cables, adapters and wall sockets and they haven’t made a difference. (My charger works fine in my friends phone).

I bought a new battery which still didn’t fix the problem. I have tried clearing cache partition. I have tried anti malware apps and cleaning tools. I have replaced the USB port in the phone and I have reset the phone to factory settings and nothing has helped! I don’t have any suspicious third party apps either I hope you can help! — Morgan

Solution: Hi Morgan. You should already know our solution by now — get the phone replaced. That the micro-USB port replacement did not even work is a clear indicator that you can’t fix the issue on your end. Even Samsung may even find it impossible to fix even. There’s only so much that you can do on your end so since you’ve already exhausted everything, it’s time to save yourself from more hassles.

Problem #3: How to fix Galaxy S5 issues after Marshmallow update | Galaxy S5 battery drain issue after Android update | Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi keeps scanning after Marshmallow update

After recent 6.0.1 system update the following issues driving me crazy:

1) Unable to turn off Wi-Fi network scan, which scans every 5 sec., even when connected to Wi-Fi.

 – powered off Wi-Fi & phone, pulled phone battery, cleared system cache, no help! Searched and tried numerous blog suggestions, but apparently Marshmallow has changed settings and menu options.  I’m sure I was able to shut off Wi-Fi scan before update. Went through and checked all the blog settings and still scanning every 5 sec. 

2) Swype keyboard doesn’t auto space between words when in Google search and URl field.  Auto spacing works fine in every other instance, texting, this form, note app, etc., even basic Google search that doesn’t also include URL.

3) battery drains much faster than before update. Example:

 – screen 31%

– chrome 20%

– Android sys 13%

– Google services 8%

and so forth.

Don’t see what is so good about Marshmallow 6.0.1. I hate updates, always a hassle, I’ve got better stuff to do than to figure out why they can’t get it right before forcing something on a user.  Ok, I feel a little better, not really! Help! — Andy

Solution: Hi Andy. There are two solutions that we usually recommend for post-update issues — wipe the cache partition and perform a factory reset. If the first one did not change anything, it’s time to reset everything back to their default settings. For reference, these are the steps to master reset your S5:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

Now, factory reset may not fix your issues if the cause is due to a bad app. Try to observe your phone for at least 24 hours without installing anything and keep an eye on the things you itemized here. If they won’t appear after a factory reset, chances are one of your installed apps is not compatible with Android Marshmallow. Remember, updating the Android operating system does not mean apps are being updated as well. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your apps are compatible with the new operating system. Official mainstream apps usually receive updates from their respective developers, but the truth may be the opposite for less popular, poorly funded developers. Always make sure that you only install stuff from reputable or reliable developers.

Battery drain solutions

Battery drain issue occurs regardless of platform, device, or operating system. The new Marshmallow OS may or may not be the main reason for rapid battery power loss you’re experiencing right now but that doesn’t mean fundamental principles will not work towards resolving it. Below are some of the basic stuff that you can do to extend the battery life of your S5.

Lower down screen brightness. If there’s one thing that sucks your S5’s battery really fast, it’s the display. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 uses millions of pixels to render movies, pictures, and anything you want to see on your device and entire process can drain the battery quicker if left unchecked. Try to lower down the display brightness to the lowest level comfortable for you. If you can’t decide on the brightness yourself, consider using the “Auto adjust screen tone” option that Samsung offers. You will be surprised how much more time you can use your phone in a day  when this is enabled.

Turn off unnecessary communication modes. If you want to squeeze all the juice you can get from your battery, make sure that you turn off features or functionalities you don’t need at the moment. Leaving Wi-Fi and/or mobile data constantly on can effectively suck your battery dry. The same can be said of Bluetooth, NFC, and similar other communication functions in an S5. if you are in an area with poor reception, switching Airplane mode on may significantly reduce battery drain everyday.

Switch sync to manual. If you have a lot of apps that regularly asks for update from remote servers to update their contents, now is the time to turn master sync to off. Alternatively, you can go under each app’s settings menu and turn sync to off or switch it to manual. Apps that regularly asks for updates include email apps, social networking apps, shopping apps, games, and even some productivity apps.

Social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other similar products can drain your battery very quickly. Make sure that you deal with their sync function properly.

Use Power-saving mode. Recognizing the need to help users manage their smartphone batteries better, Samsung is the first in the industry to equip their flagship phone with  an automatic power-saving feature. In an S5, there are actually two options to save power–the basic Power-saving mode, and the Ultra power-saving mode.

The first one basically restricts background data to prevent manual syncing of apps to servers, disables GPS, lowers screen frame rate, and slows down processor speed.

Ultra Power Saving Mode transforms your smartphone into a dumb one in order to allow you use basic functions like SMS and calling possible. This option is best used during emergency situations but it doesn’t mean you cannot switch to it from time to time.


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Problem #4: Galaxy S5 won’t turn on

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it won’t turn on. Now I know my phone works. it has done this a few times but somehow someway, i always got to come back on. Here are some of the symptoms: when I charge my phone the charging icon and LED lights do not appear. yes I charged it so it’s not that. I’ve changed the battery so the battery is not defective. I attempted recovery and safe mode but halfway through the phone just zaps off.

I’ve  tried to take out the battery and hold the power button for more than one minute to drain the electricity and it still is doesn’t work. The only two things that i  have not done is wipe cache partition or hard reset.

I don’t know exactly what it is, it sounds scary, and i have a gut feeling it won’t help. I’m going to college soon and I need my phone.

I know my phone works. it has done this a few times but I’ve always got it to come back on. it might be the power IC. I don’t know exactly what that is. I just read your pages and you said it may be the problem. Basically it’s just not turning on. If this helps, when i take the battery out and put it back in. The Samsung logo appears but the one zaps off once more. Please help. — Akejah

Solution: Hi Akejah. Like you, we don’t have the ability to know what the problem might be. We are limited to how you describe the issue and symptoms you mention. As far as knowing whether wiping the cache partition or doing a factory reset will resolve the problem, the answer depends on the exact problem. There’s no way for us know if doing them will make the phone turn back on or not. You have to try them yourself. The same can be said on the possibility that your phone may have a bad hardware. The phone must be checked physically to know if a component has failed. The general rule is, if software troubleshooting like wiping the cache or factory reset won’t fix your issue, you must have a hardware malfunction. The real reason can range from a faulty hardware button, a malfunctioning power IC, or other defective components.

Call Samsung and let them check the phone. Better still, simply get a replacement unit to ensure you have a good working phone when you go to college.

Problem #5: Voice sounds like a robot when using a Galaxy S5 during calls

I just got the phone yesterday. Everything so far worked wonderfully and I am beyond excited to have a really nice phone finally. Fast forward to this morning when my husband called on his lunch break. I answered the phone and all he could hear was a loud, tech/robot like noise. He hung up and tried again with the same results. I then called him and he was able to hear me perfectly. I have tried with another phone and it seems to come and go. I was on the phone with my father-in-law (he called me) and at the beginning of our conversation it worked fine. But towards the end, it cut in with the same robot noise and he couldn’t even hear me to have me say goodbye. — Jaclyn

Solution: Hi Jaclyn. If this issue happens on another phone as well, the problem is most likely network related. There’s nothing that we or you can do about it. You have to contact your wireless carrier and report the issue to them so they can advise you on what to do.


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2 Replies to “Galaxy S5 battery drain issue after Android update, other issues”

  1. My Galaxy S5 phone recently had an automatic update. Now it runs VERY hot and drains the battery quickly. I don’t have WiFi or Bluetooth turned on but that doesn’t help.
    Please advise

  2. Samsung S5 phone ( 5.0 ) erases the SD ram card, and sometimes, even wiping out the card totally, ( including operating system files on it ) that, it can never be recognized / re-formatted / re-used anywhere again, anywhere.

    I have a samsung galaxy S5, cdma phone, locked and tailored for the career of freedompop services ( uses sprint towers ) – Model SM-G900P. ( 5.0 Android – Lollipop )

    It can take up to 128 GB of SD ram card, so I bought it, properly installed, rebooted and such,.. It started working, no problem. I even, moved 3-4 movable applications like, .. clean master, facebook, App 2 SD, on the SD card ) But 8-10 days later, when my phone was OFF ( I turn phone totally off at night sometimes to save battery drainage ) , next day, when turned on, it seemed the applications which were on SD ram card were erased, ( showing black empty icon and asking me, whether you want to install those ) later realized, that Applications were all erased, the all system files of that SD ram cards were also erased and now SD ram card got ruined, and was not being recognized in any cell. Even after rebooting, reinserting and even making all possible attempts.. to use an adapter and checking into 3-4 different PCs, failed, it was clear, the card was totally erased / ruined with the operating files on it, so it was not recognized/re-used/re-format anywhere. It had also shown those APPs ( which were on SD Ram card ) black and blank icons earlier too, couple times, but later they showed up, as it takes time to load the APPs from SD ram card.

    Now, I bought and installed an other used ( from my other cell, it was having good record of performance ) a nearly new, 32 GB card of another company, installed and again after 6-7 days, one morning I found, the two-three (all) applications on it, ( I had no data, song, pics, video or any such ) also were deleted and the card was now showing up as a damaged one, ( still, was recognized somehow and asking me whether you want it re-formatted ) and somehow I managed to reformat it and let install, those two applications on it again. It’s working now,. But now I know that, the phone wipes out the SD ram card overnight, so I am scared..

    Why my S5 phone wipes out my SD card? Has it any virus? Any bad applications ? Any update conflict? I installed only 3 to 5 new applications which were,
    ( clean master, facebook, App 2 SD – moved to SD ram card )
    ( WhatsApp, AirMore, Hangout Dialer – put them on main Device storage drive )
    rest all applications, are default and are what it came with.

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