Galaxy Note 5 stuck in AT&T boot screen, other issues

We seldom publish carrier-specific problems but one user has reported about a Note 5 stuck in AT&T boot screen so we will post it here.

Note 5

Of course, we also include other #GalaxyNote5 issues. These are the specific topics discussed in this material:

  1. Windows 10 laptop can’t detect Galaxy Note 5
  2. Galaxy Note 5 purchased from Vietnam showing “no service” with Verizon network
  3. Galaxy Note 5 keeps freezing
  4. Galaxy Note 5 randomly restarts | Galaxy Note 5 stuck in AT&T boot screen
  5. Galaxy Note 5 won’t download and install OTA update

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Problem #1: Windows 10 laptop can’t detect Galaxy Note 5

Just purchased ASUS laptop with Windows 10. Each time I plug device into laptop photo collection comes up and says there’s nothing to import. Ugh. I have 50 photos I want to transfer from my phone to the laptop and it won’t just do it. I spent 3 hours on phone yesterday with Geek Squad. She asked me to check my cord. I went and got the exact cord that goes with this phone and lo and behold it downloaded some of the pics. Now today…with that same cord it won’t load new pics I took today. OMG…I’m in tech hell between this new phone and new laptop. I’m a real estate agent and need these photos. At this point I’m going to start emailing from my phone. But there HAS to be an easier way to transfer from my Note 5 to this stupid new laptop. Do I need to download something? Please help. — Pam

Solution: Hi Pam. The usual cause for this problem lies on the laptop rather than on the phone itself so we recommend that you do some isolation. Your computer may be missing some needed drivers to interact with your phone.

To check if the problem is on your new laptop or if it’s the phone, connect your Note 5 to another PC or laptop to see if the issue occurs. Assuming that the USB cord is working, your Note 5 should act as a plug-and-play device just like when you’re inserting a USB flash drive to a computer. That means that the receiving device like your PC should detect it, unless it has some driver issues. If another PC can read your Note 5 fine, go back to your new laptop and make sure that it’s software is updated. It may also help if you’ll use Samsung Smart Switch in transferring your files between the two devices.

If your new laptop continues to fail to read your phone, call Microsoft or the hardware maker and ask them for direct assistance.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 5 purchased from Vietnam showing “no service” with Verizon network

Phone, model SM-N9201, is an international phone. Purchased online. My daughter used it for a week or so (with Cricket), then suddenly the phone crashed and got locked.

Unable to resolve the problem, she made a gift of the phone to my wife, who has been using a Note3 (Verizon).

My wife obtained a Note 5 SIM from Verizon, but the phone gave the message “no service” then not registered. All else works beautifully, except phone service.

Verizon’s top tier techies said they would get it fixed, but then came back with an answer they were unable to do so due to security issues — there would be some kind of a threat to the network if they enabled this phone (sounds like a lame excuse, to me!)

So I contacted Samsung, who said I needed to get the manufacturing source, since there are so many Samsung plants. I asked if this information is on the phone, and the techie said it was not. I needed to go back to the seller. (Some more BS — I LOOKED CAREFULLY AND FOUND IT WAS MFD in Vietnam.

I called Samsung again, and the techie I spoke to said I have to contact Samsung Vietnam… And she gave me a phone # — 1 (800)588-889. When I questioned the 6-digit #, she said this was it. (Later I saw the same # on Google search results — this obvious error is just repeated all over!). When you try to dial this number, it does not work, of course.

So now my question is: if Samsung Vietnam can help, why can’t Samsung USA? And, can you help??? — Marty

Solution: Hi Marty. Samsung phones are manufactured to fit a specific region’s requirements or a carrier’s specifications. For example, Samsung devices designed for Verizon may have compatibility issues if used on AT&T network. The same is true for devices designed for a particular region. Incompatibility can be due to either firmware issue or hardware mismatch, or even both. The firmware (operating system) running in Note 5s designed for Vietnamese users varies from those Note 5s meant for North American users.

It’s also possible that your Note 5’s hardware is not compatible with the network requirements of Verizon. Most Asian countries uses GSM network technology while Verizon has CDMA. If this Note 5 works for some time with Cricket Wireless, which is a GSM network, but not with Verizon, then the issue is definitely hardware incompatibility. You have to work closely with Verizon to see if our hunch is correct in this case.

Another route you can use in this situation is to opt for a different carrier. The SM-N9201 model is manufactured for use in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Canada and only runs on GSM networks. Make sure that you let your next carrier know of your specific phone model so they can check if it’s compatible with their services.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 5 keeps freezing

Hi. i have Note 5. I bought it more than one year ago. it was working well and suddenly it started to hang and freeze.

i tried to restart the phone but it is still freezing. The phone takes too long time to boot. i went to recovery mode and i made wipe data factory reset but the problem still as it is when i power on the phone. it won’t start.

i flashed a new stock rom for the phone but the phone keep freezing, restarting, heating up and many time the phone turn itself off. and when i try to power it on, the mobile automatically power on to download mode and i see message that the device couldn’t do a normal boot.

Now i have tried Cyanogen Modified Rom it is stable on the phone no freezing or hanging but when the mobile is turned off i couldn’t power it again easily. still stuck with the problem of (couldn’t do normal boot).

Can you help me with that and what shall i do to solve this issue. — Mahmoud

Solution: Hi Mahmoud. There are numerous reasons why a smartphone freezes and fails to boot normally but they can be categorized into two general groups —  software and hardware. Software-related problems can be resolved by wiping the phone clean via factory reset and doing other basic software troubleshooting. Since you’ve already tried a factory reset and manual ROM installation, you can assume that the issue is beyond your ability to fix now. You must have the phone repaired or replaced to resolve the problem.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 5 randomly restarts | Galaxy Note 5 stuck in AT&T boot screen

Over the last month or so, my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has had multiple problems.

Started with videos not playing sound. Then only playing at half speed. No ring sound, no matter how loud the volume is.

Speaker works! Can use it for speakerphone during calls.

Now it randomly shuts off, starts to reboot, but gets stuck at the AT&T boot screen.

Only once out of every 5 or 6 restarts can you make a phone call. Phone app doesn’t send call, doesn’t show it sent it, but does and connects but cannot hear anything on either end of the call. Phone restarts on its own – gets stuck.

Factory reset multiple times to try to fix the issues. No avail. Wondering if it’s the version of Lollipop but can’t downgrade. I try soft resets at least 5 times a day to try to get my calls to work.

Phone also gets really hot when trying to make a phone call.

I’ve been all over your site trying to find a solution that works, but so far nothing…HELP?! — Sarah

Solution: Hi Sarah. If multiple factory resets did not change anything, you may have a similar issue with Mahmoud above. This case though, we would like to ask you to observe the phone for at least a few days while in safe mode to see if the root of the problem is one of the apps. If nothing will change even when the phone is in safe mode, that’s a confirmation that you have a hardware problem at hand.

The Safe Mode is the first fail-safe procedure you can use to diagnose a problem. Once the device has booted up in this mode, all third-party or downloaded apps would be temporarily disabled leaving pre-installed and core services running.

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • The phone will restart but keep the Volume Down button pressed.
  • Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • You may now release the Volume Down button.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 5 won’t download and install OTA update

I’ve been getting push notifications for a while now about a new software update (I assume for android 6.0). When I start the download, the phone cycles, the boot screen comes up and shows the little droid logo doing the update. After maybe 30-60 seconds, I would get a dead droid with a red caution triangle above him for a split second, then the phone will reboot like normal and once on again, it displays a message that the update failed and no changes were made.

I’ve tried to download this update on and off since it came out, with the same results each time. After searching, I found your page and followed some of the steps to clear the cache and ultimately do a factory reset if nothing worked. Did the factory reset last night, removed the memory card, also selected the “clear cache” option before doing the reset, just in case, and I still cannot download the update, same results as before I did the factory reset.

I still get the notification that I have an update, and it’s very annoying. I currently do not have access to a computer to try the update that way either. Any other ideas or recommendations?

Thanks. — Jason

Solution: Hi Jason. If your phone won’t download and install an OTA update even when there’s enough available memory space, you are left without much choice. The next logical step you can try is to manually install the update via Odin mode, which requires a computer and the necessary files. Use Google to find the appropriate guide to do this.


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