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[Deal] Fitbit Surge fitness band for $149.99

Fitbit Surge

You can now grab the #FitbitSurge for just $149.99. The seller on eBay is kind enough to offer it at such a discount as the wearable usually retails for about $240 or so. It probably helps that this is a refurbished product. The seller is only offering the Large wristband with this model, though. So this particular variant might not be meant for everyone.

In addition to tracking your fitness vitals, the Fitbit Surge can also let you check on notifications, use GPS to track your runs/workouts and even check your pulse to make sure everything is working in order.

What’s better is that the Surge comes with a battery that can last up to 7 days between charges. You can’t really ask more of a fitness tracker. The fact that it only costs about $149.99 makes the deal even sweeter. Of course, there’s no telling how long it will stay on eBay, so make sure you get it when you still can.

Get the Fitbit Surge for just $149.99 from eBay!

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