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AMOLED display-clad Galaxy Tab S3 apparently scheduled for a Sep. 1 launch

Galaxy Tab S3

As per Eldar Murtazin, who has been accurate about a few devices before, #Samsung is preparing the release of the #GalaxyTabS3 on September 1. Another source suggests that the company could instead release the #GearS3 on that day, although we cannot rule out the launch of both on the same day.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 is long overdue a successor, so we’re hoping the rumor does turn out to be true. The Gear S3, on the other hand, was always said to be on the cards, so we won’t be particularly surprised if and when it breaks cover.

One of the things that make the Galaxy Tab S series very desirable is the fact that they feature crisp and pixel dense AMOLED panels, which is unheard of for tablets. But it won’t be an easy task to dethrone Apple’s iPads, although Samsung can surely try with something like the Galaxy Tab S3. What do you wish to see with the Gear S3 and or the Galaxy Tab S3?

Source: @eldarmurtazin – Twitter

Via: GSM Arena

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