Zeiss releases OS agnostic VR One Plus headset

Zeiss VR One Plus

Virtual reality is exploding right now with the likes of the #OculusRift and the #HTCVive some of the leading names in the industry. However, these offerings are pretty expensive and not exactly mobile friendly, which is where the likes of Google Cardboard, Samsung #GearVR and other cheaper alternatives come in. Renowned lens manufacturer #Zeiss has now outed its second-gen VR headset, aptly named the VR One Plus (no affiliation with Chinese OEM OnePlus).

The VR One Plus is an upgraded version of the VR One which was revealed roughly two years ago. However, this particular headset comes with a slightly bigger body to make it suitable for people with prescription glasses. There’s enough room between the lenses and the cushioning to make this possible. This is a much-desired feature for many as using a VR headset without glasses can make it a slightly unappealing prospect for many. But it seems like Zeiss has done its due research before unveiling this product.

The VR One Plus has been priced at $129 or €129, which makes it relatively expensive compared to some other offerings. But since the VR One Plus is OS agnostic, the pricing shouldn’t necessarily be a concern for many.

Source: Zeiss

Via: Phone Arena