Update to ASUS Chromebook Flip brings Play Store support

Chromebook - Play Store

The #ASUS #ChromebookFlip is now getting an update to Chrome 53, which seemingly enables support for the Google Play Store. As you might recall, Google officially announced #PlayStore support for Chromebooks roughly a month ago, so it’s high time that the update was sent out to existing Chromebooks. However, Chrome 53 is currently seeding through the dev channel, which means it’s not ready on a wider scale as of yet.

But if you’re willing to give it a try, it’s as simple as following a few steps. Of course, this is only applicable to Chromebook Flip users for the time being. Although the Chromebook Pixel has also seen an update to Chrome 53, the Play Store support doesn’t seem to be present, so it’s possible that Google has only enabled it for the Chromebook Flip.

To be able to access the new Chrome OS version from the dev channel, you will simply have to navigate to Settings – About Chrome OS – More Info and tap Change channel in order to access the dev channel. Make sure you give this a try if you have a Chromebook Flip at your disposal.

Via: Phandroid