Slightly complex hack brings Android to an iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Android

Not many will be familiar with the work of hacker/developer Nick Lee. Recently, he managed to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch. Why? Well, because he could. Plus it’s always nice to tinker around with hardware and software to give people a taste of what is otherwise considered impossible or unlikely. He’s at it again now, and this time, his weapon of choice is Android and the medium is the iPhone 6s.

He has managed to build a special case (probably with its own hardware underneath) which when paired with the iPhone, can let you run Android on an iPhone. It’s not as easy as it sounds and his motive here was to merely show the world that something like this is possible. He mentions that about 45 hours of work has gone into this, suggesting that it’s not something for amateurs.

You can check out the entire process in the video below. It must be noted that the iPhone is still running iOS 9, so Android is merely running on top of it using an emulator of some sort. Android isn’t taking full advantage of the iPhone hardware here since most of the power comes from the attached case. Lee used Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for this particular demo.

Source: YouTube

Via: The Next Web