Shazam for Android now getting background music recognition feature


Background music recognition has been present on #Shazam for quite some time now, although only for iOS users. Well, Android users don’t have to be waiting anymore as the feature is now making its way to Android as well. Thanks to this feature, you can tag tunes in the background without having to open your phone every time. However, you will need to open the app once to enable the auto-music recognition feature on Shazam.

This feature can conveniently help you tag a bunch of tracks without draining too much of your battery. Well, that’s what Shazam says anyway. However, there’s no doubt that it will consume a little bit extra from your battery given that it’s keeping the microphone on constantly to tag new tracks.

So if you’re probably going to a party or other social gathering, you can have the entire list of tracks that were played around you. The feature should be enabled with the next update to Shazam on your Android device.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Engadget

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