Samsung Gear 360 launching this week for $350?

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung’s #Gear360 is probably one of the coolest (but not the only) VR camera you can get right now. A new report is claiming that this camera will be available by the end of this week in the U.S. for $349.99. However, there’s a big caveat in play here. The Gear 360 will not be available for all as Samsung will apparently make it available at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, CA. Attendees of this event will be able to purchase the Gear 360 from a limited pile of stocks. So it’s slim pickings even if you happen to attend the event.

VidCon will be held between June 23-25, so we expect some people to get their hands on the Gear 360 over the next few days. What about the commercial release? Well, we’re pretty much in the dark about that, but at least we know that it’s not far away.

Back in April, a retailer revealed the pricing of the Gear 360. Back then, the release date was estimated to be sometime around June, which goes along well with this new report.

Via: Phandroid