Samsung Galaxy S8 could be packing a 4K display for VR content

Galaxy S8

As per a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be sporting a powerful UHD or 4K display under the hood. This will be the company’s 2017 flagship to succeed the Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge. It is said that Samsung is taking this decision keeping VR or virtual reality in mind. Given how the company has been pushing VR since the past couple of years, a move like this makes sense.

The display size will be bumped up to 5.5-inches, apparently, while the Galaxy S7 houses a 5.1-inch display. A larger and more pixel dense display means that customers will have an enhanced virtual reality experience.

Of course, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this as of yet since it’s too early in the day, but given the direction that Samsung’s display wing is taking, this cannot be written off. Even then, we suggest you take this report with a grain of salt until there’s more evidence to prove the case.

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Source: The Korea Herald

Via: Phone Arena