Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Shuts Off By Itself Issue & Other Related Problems

A lot of people choose the #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 because of its huge display and long lasting battery life. In fact, in several tests conducted on the device, a single charge on its 3220mAh battery can provide around 28 hours of talk time, 11 hours of web browsing, or 17 hours of video playback. Some owners of this phone however are not getting these results. This is what we will be dealing with today as we tackle the Galaxy Note 4 shuts off by its own issue & other related problems. We have gathered several issues of this nature sent to us by our readers and have addressed them below.

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Note 4 Shuts Off By Itself

Problem: It’s shuts off by itself and it won’t turn on by using the power button sometimes it works or it doesn’t so I have to remove the battery to turn it on. It’s also slower and freezes sometimes. This  started to happened after I installed the new software in June 12th. Battery drains so fast too. I had it reset to factory setting setting but it’s still a problem. Is it possible to get toehold software back on my phone?

Solution: Since you mentioned that you have already performed a factory reset the next thing that you should do is to verify if the issue is caused by the battery itself. As we all know, as the battery ages it doesn’t hold its charge that well anymore. Try getting a new battery and see if this fixes the problem.

If the issue persists then your option to rollback to the previous software version is the last option to consider. This has to be done manually by flashing the previous firmware version to your phone. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Does Not Stay On Unless Plugged

Problem: My phone won’t stay on unless it is plugged into the wall.  I did a factory reset and charged it fully to 100% but as soon as I unplug it, it dies.  Please help me!  It says 100% but it still dies.  Then, when I plug it in to charge, it says 0% and charges back to 100% but still dies immediately when I unplug it.  

Related Problem: My phone only works if the charger is plugged in.  I have rebooted,  factory reset and mastery reset the phone. I have even tried the phone in safe mode and it still kept rebooting. When I have it plugged into the charger I can use it but when I take it off the charger it reboots?

Solution: It looks like the phone battery could already be faulty. Try replacing this battery with a new one. If the issue still occurs even with the new battery installed then I suggest you have your phone checked at a service center as this could already be a hardware related problem.

Note 4 Battery Discharges Power Fast

Problem: Over the course of 13 hours, my phone went through the power of three fully charged batteries. I normally place phone on fast charge when I go to bed, leaving it plugged in throughout the night. In preparation for a trip, I slow charged three new batteries utilizing a separate charger that cuts off at 100% so as to not overcharge. This morning I did my normal routine of checking emails and a quick run through of facebook, all in less than an hour; the battery now reads 71%. What gives?

Solution: There are several factors that could cause this type of issue. First, the battery may not be holding its charge the way it used to. This is especially true if the battery is already old and has undergone several hundred charging cycles already.

Another possible reason behind this is that there is an app in your phone that is aggressively running in the background. Third party apps usually cause this kind of issue. To check if this is the case just start your phone in Safe Mode. If you don’t experience any battery drain in this mode then you should find out what app is causing this and uninstall it.

One other reason that could cause this problem is a corrupt temporary data. To find out if this is the case just start your phone in recovery mode then wipe the cache partition of your device.

One last troubleshooting step that you should consider should the above steps fail is a factory reset. Just make sure to backup your phone data before proceeding with this.

Note 4 Turns Off On Its Own

Problem: My phone simply turns off, the looks like it’s going to come back on again, then switches off, then tries to come back on again etc etc… it seems like it is stuck in a restart mode.  I can have my phone plugged into my battery charger and it will be fine, but when it isn’t plugged in as soon as I try to use the camera, or go on facebook etc, it starts restarting.  I have to remove the battery to stop this from happening as it won’t allow me to switch it completely off.  once I have put the battery back in I can plug the charger in, turn the phone on and it will work until I remove the charger again.

Solution: Since you mentioned that the phone has to be connected to its charger to turn on then it’s possible that the battery could already be faulty. Have you tried using another battery in your phone? If using a new battery doesn’t fix the issue then try doing a factory reset next. Take note that this deletes your phone data so you better have a backup copy first.

If the above steps fail then I suggest you bring your phone to a service center and have it checked at this could already be a hardware related issue.

Note 4 Shuts Off On Its Own

Problem: Hello there. I have a Note 4 which is constantly in a reboot loop unless the charger is plugged in then it’s fine.i bought a new battery but non original   this problem ended.another problem came up that the phone suddenly shuts down and doesn’t open till i plug the charger and then it works fine..sometimes it shuts off when i open an app..dont know what the problem..i cleaned the cache partition..made master factory reset..don’t know what the problem is ..please help..

Solution: Since you have already performed a factory reset and also tried a new battery then this problem could already be caused by a hardware component inside the device that is failing. One possible factor that could cause this is a defective power IC. To really get to the bottom of this you need to have your phone checked at a service center.

Note 4 Randomly Turning Off

Problem: It started with my phone randomly turning off even when it had just been charged, even at 99% battery life. Then I realized it was any time I used my camera or used any app that had a camera option like snapchat, Facebook, messenger… well the last few days it will just shut itself off even when I am not in the camera. It will not turn back on without me either plugging it into the charger OR taking out the battery and putting it back in. I have replaced the battery thinking that was the problem. It did not fix it. I also tried resetting the phone, deleting apps… none of which have worked… it used to take an hour to charge now it takes more than 8 hours on the charger to fully charge! Please help!!!!

Solution: You already tried using a new battery and you already did a factory reset. It looks like this problem could already be hardware related. A component inside the phone could already be failing. I suggest you have your phone checked at a service center if this is the case.

Note 4 Takes Too Long To Charge After Software Update

Problem: today my phone made a latest update after finish it when i tried to charge it i observed that it takes much more time for being charged. i have it almost 3 hours in charging condition but still is in 51%. (i use its original fast charger)

Solution: Most issues that a device owner will experience usually happens after a software update. This is usually caused by some form of old software data that has till been left in the device. You should eliminate this possibility first by backing up your phone data then doing a factory reset. If the problem still occurs after the reset then follow the steps listed below.

  • Try cleaning the charging port of your phone by using a can of compressed air or by blowing to it using a straw. Make sure that this port is free of any dirt or debris,
  • Try using a different charging cord when charging your phone.
  • Try using a different wall charger.
  • Replace your phone battery as this could already be faulty.

Note 4 Battery Drains Fast

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge still under the 2 year warranty. However Samsung wouldn’t honor the warranty as my screen has crack and they want to fix it first for $340 and then check the phone. I have an issue where the phone battery goes from 50% to 0% in seconds. Although Samsung has checked battery twice and it is perfectly fine. I have also done a factory reset and clear cache memory twice now. Still the same problem.I wanted to ask whether it could be any other issue in the phone which might be causing it or should I buy a new battery top try it. Any comments will be highly appreciated. Also someone told me it could be Motherboard problem (Is it True) Thanks

Solution: Before ruling this as a motherboard problem try replacing the battery first with a new one. The problem could just be caused by a faulty battery. If after replacing the battery the issue still occurs then have the phone checked at a service center as this could already be a board level issue.

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that is behaving in a similar way to what has been described by others on this page. It turns off on its own when the battery is not fully dead yet. It will not turn back on unless it is plugged into a high-speed charger. Once it is, I can power it back on and disconnect the charger, and continue to use it as normal. It HAS to be a high-speed charger or it will not turn back on. When a standard charger is plugged in, it will display the gray battery with a lighening bolt, but will remail on that screen. Most phones will switch to show a percentage and green bar indicating the charge, and then the phone can be turned on, but this only happens with a high-speed charger. Also, when the phone does die, it does not give me any notifications that the battery is running low prior to dying. Usually there is a 15% warning, a 5% warning, and the screen is dimmed automatically. But mine just shuts off and goes black. Again, it will not charge and turn on unless it is connected to a fast charger.

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