Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Is Totally Black Issue & Other Related Problems

One of the main strengths of the #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 is its huge display. The phone uses a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels making it ideal for various mobile entertainment purposes.  If you love watching streaming movies then this phone delivers the best viewing experience. Gamers will also love the fact that this phone uses a powerful processor that when combined with a 3GB RAM and its huge display is able to give an outstanding gaming experience. There are however instances when screen related problems can occur on this phone. This is what we will tackle today as we address the Galaxy Note 4 screen is totally black issue & other related problems.

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Note 4 Screen Is Totally Black

Problem: The problem I’m having with my note 4 is the screen is totally black but i can hear everything working in the background. I have read about many people that have this problem and followed most the steps to fix it to no avail. I have tried the 1,2,3 method where you remove the sim and battery and hold down the power button. I have also tried a hard reset by holding the power and volume button. When I do this method the screen goes from black to a flickering yellowish black tinge. When I press the home button at this moment the screen goes back to black and i will hear the samsung and verizon startup screens but nothing shows as usual.

Solution: It looks like this issue is caused by a damaged display already. I suggest you have your phone checked at a service center. It’s possible that the display will need to be replaced in order to eliminate this black screen issue.

Note 4 Screen Stays Black When Lock After Marshmallow Update

Problem: Hello! the problem with my screen is that since that i’ve updated my Note 4 to the latest update “Marshmallow”, the screen stays black when I lock it. It doesn’t open again, the phones is working fine I receive calls but the screen is all black like if the phone is switched off! I remove my battery and reboot the device to make it work again but once the screen is off when i’m not using the device or when I lock it it’s all black again.. I went to a Samsung branch the guy told me to backup my data using the Smart switch App and then format it and the problem will be solved. I did what he told me but the problem is still there! BLACK SCREEN.. please help !!

Solution: When you did the format I assume that you did a factory reset. Normally, the issue will be resolved after performing this action especially if it occurred right after a software update. Did you try to check if the issue still occurs right after the reset when no other apps are installed in your device? You should also try checking if the issue occurs with the microSD card removed from your phone ( if you have one installed).

If the problem still occurs then you can try to flash your phone with its previous firmware version. To do this you need a copy of the previous firmware file and a software  called Odin installed in your computer. Instructions on how to flash the phone can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

If flashing the phone software fails to resolve the issue then this could be caused by a faulty hardware component. I suggest you have the phone checked at a service center if this is the case.

Note 4 Screen Does Not Turn On After Time Out

Problem: Just downloaded and installed a software update to my Galaxy Note 4 this morning and now when the device goes to sleep ( screen times out ) , the screen does not come back on again . The phone is still working fine but under a black screen . Only way to get it back is the remove the battery and reboot.I have tried all the reset options , safe mode , cache wipe etc but it still does not work any more . I feel this is directly related to the software update but how can I go backwards ? IS there a place I can get a previous OS to install?

Solution: This is a similar issue to the one we have tackled above. You should definitely consider flashing the previous firmware version back to your device. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

Note 4 Screen Is Black After Drop

Problem: I dropped my phone a little over a month ago on it’s back. The phone had no visible damage, but the screen stayed black when I pushed the power button. I had it on vibrate before the fall and I could feel it vibrating and all of the periphery lights on the phone were/are working. It took me a month to get my money up to get it repaired. I had it repaired at one of the local computer/phone repair places. It was the LCD screen and they switched out my whole screen for another and charged me $180 to do so. I was very happy. My SIM was deactivated for some reason, so I called T-Mobile and the operator said it was no problem. She told me to take the SIM out and read the numbers to her. I took the battery out, took the card out, read it to her. Put it back in, the battery, closed it up and clicked the power button. It is black again. I wasn’t rough with it. I didn’t drop it. Did I just get shafted for my money or there anything I can do? I have my receipt and we spoke at length so I know he will remember me, but the sign says no refunds on repairs. I want to attempt to do what I can before I go in there making a scene and all that. Please help!

Solution: You can try to check if the problem is software related first by trying to start the phone in recovery mode. If you are able to access this mode then I suggest you do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data. If the screen stays black even in recovery mode then it’s quite possible that the problem is hardware related, possibly due to the screen. I suggest you have this checked at the service center.

Note 4 Screen Turns Dark After Marshmallow Update

Problem: After updating to Marshmallow my screen turns dark automatically forcing closed open apps even when I am busy on the phone. The screen has a pattern of closing down with a white border dimming towards the centre of the phone. Then I will have to restart the app again but this happened repeatedly and is annoying.

Solution: Since this issue occured right after the software update then the best thing to do is to do a factory reset. Take note that you will need to backup your phone data before doing this.

One the reset is complete do not install anything in your phone just yet. You need to check first if the issue still occurs. If it does then you may want to try to downgrade the phone software to its previous version. Instructions on how to downgrade your phone software can be found at several of the popular android forums online.

Note 4 Screen Becomes Unresponsive

Problem: Last night I took my phone out of its phone case while it was charging because it was getting hot. After I disconnected it I started watching Netflix and suddenly my screen went black all the other buttons were working and the sounds but the screen was unresponsive. So I tried turning it off. I tried taking the battery out. Nothing worked this morning the screen was unresponsive still but I put it back in its case and I wasn’t even done adjusting the case when the screen came back on.

Solution: The problem could be caused by some form of corrupt temporary data in the phone. Try starting your phone in recovery mode and from here wipe the cache partition of the device. Reboot the phone normally then check if the issue still occurs. If it does then I recommend that you do a factory reset. Take note that you need to backup your phone data before doing this procedure.

Note 4 Black Screen

Problem: Purchased note 4 on Ali express, look nice but when I try turn it on it was Blank or black screen, with status light and Spanish speaking lady, when I touch the screen it has a touch screen sound. I try everything with no luck plz Help !!!!

Solution: Try starting the phone in recovery mode then do a factory reset from here. If the reset fails to fix the problem then this is most likely a hardware related issue already. Since this is a newly purchased device then you should have it replaced.

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