Project Fi updated with support for U.S. Cellular

Google Project Fi

The #ProjectFi app on #Android is now receiving a new update which officially brings support for U.S. Cellular’s networks. This is the third carrier after T-Mobile and Sprint to join Project Fi, thus increasing the list of major carriers on Google’s dedicated cellular service.

What this means is that those with U.S. Cellular coverage in their area can now benefit from Project Fi and its features. Google has come a long way since the announcement of Fi and this should make things even better.

The update should be live on the Play Store right away, so make sure you’re on the lookout if you’re a Project Fi user. While the service misses out on carriers like AT&T, Verizon etc, Fi is still a decent alternative to the conventional carriers thanks to the pricing model that Google has opted for.

Are you a user of Project Fi? What do you make of this new update? Let us know.

Source: Google Play Store