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The OnePlus 3 goes through a series of durability tests and lives to tell the tale

OnePlus 3

The #OnePlus3 is possibly one of the most popular devices out there today. There are several reasons for this, the most important factor being the pricing and the kind of hardware that’s packing underneath. As is the custom with any newly launched device, a YouTuber has decided to put the new flagship through its paces in a new bend, scratch and burn test.

The big takeaway from these tests is that the OnePlus 3 is not easy to scratch. However, the back panel does take scratches easily considering how it’s all metal. The device fails in the bend test as well, although the device was found to be perfectly functional. The burn test saw some discoloration on the display panel momentarily, only to regain its natural form within a matter of seconds.

So overall, the OnePlus 3 appears to be a pretty durable device and would easily last a year or two with rough usage. That being said, we strictly advise you against conducting one of these tests yourselves. You can catch the entirety of this durability test below.

Source: YouTube

Via: Talk Android

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