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How to make Galaxy Note 4 battery last longer, other power issues

Released in 2014, it’s understandable that many of today’s #GalaxyNote4 users are reporting their battery losing power faster than before, or that their device is now having some boot/power related problems. In this article, we cover some of the battery- and power-related issues being asked by some members of our community. We hope that this material will be of help.

  1. Galaxy Note 4 keeps booting to download mode
  2. How to make Galaxy Note 4 battery last longer
  3. Galaxy Note 4 shuts down on its if not in Power Saving mode
  4. Galaxy Note 4 keeps rebooting
  5. Galaxy Note 4 battery won’t fully charge to 100% | Note 4 won’t boot normally

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 4 keeps booting to download mode

Hi there. I’m having a repetitive issue with my Galaxy Note 4 (910w8 CDN Rogers) in regards to both power/boot up & software update. Upon using my phone several times during the day randomly it would reboot, flash to Samsung logo and go into ‘ODIN mode’. I’ve tried many troubleshooting in this state on my own such as simply waiting, pressing volume up, home and power and even just holding power button but no change. Only resolution is to battery pull. `

Now with battery pulling I’ve noticed again, it’s random if it will work or not. By that I mean holding power button will not power it on and I have to do a battery pull while on a black screen and try again. Now from here sometimes it works and boots up but sometimes it boots into download mode ( very odd).

Now at this point you would think with all these issues a factory reset should help or update. However again, more issues.

Factory reset works perfectly fine now because the resets did not resolve the issue. I’ve tried them multiple times different ways such as volume up home power / using ODIN and flashed stock ROM from provider / Samsung smart switch software to try to update & restore.

I’ve noticed the phone works fine with other firmwares until it updates to 5.0.1 , which from here it has the issues with constant freezing, rebooting to Odin or download mode or not turning on after being turned off completely.

It does successfully download 5.1 firmware however when I try to proceed it begins but then crashes into download mode.

When attempting to update via Samsung switch it displayed a different message that would not go away and was very difficult to factory reset from.

I’ve tried the basics such as different battery, different usbs when resetting using  computer, antivirus/clean up apps, removing sim/SD and also trying to update with no third party apps ever installed but no luck. I’ve been at this for 2 months and currently using a different phone until I can fix it. (I’m currently typing this article with the actual phone right now so it DOES work but only 40% of the time).

I’ve noticed Snapchat when downloaded no matter what firmware update, it freezes the whole phone and becomes VERY slow. As in minutes to change pages (it took 15-20 mins even just to delete the app).

Hope all this information helps thank you. — Jonathan

Solution: Hi Jonathan. Fixing an issue like yours involves doing a lot of software troubleshooting but if not one of them works, your best choice would be to simply seek for a replacement. We can see that you’ve already done almost all the things that we usually recommend in this blog. Like you, there’s no way for us to know for sure what is the exact cause of the issue.

The only suggestion that would sense in this case right now is to see if there’s a difference after you do a factory reset. This will help determine if one of the apps is to blame, or if the issue lies deep within the hardware itself. Make sure that you don’t install any app during the observation period, which is 24 hours in the least. If the problems continue even if you’re running a clean firmware and without any apps installed, you can bet you need another phone.

Problem #2: How to make Galaxy Note 4 battery last longer

Everytime my device is not connected to the charger it will switch off. I have tried safe mode and clearing cache, but nothing seems to work.

I’m currently overseas on holiday, and have ordered a replacement battery. However I still have a few weeks left and would love to take photos of my trip.

Is there anything else I can try? Or does it sound like a battery issue which just needs to be replaced?

What should I do if after inserting the new battery there is no change?

Also how do I charge the new battery to provide optimum performance of the new battery? Eg. Time to initially charge / phone turned off or on during charging?

Thank you in advance for any advice/help. — Chelsea

Solution: Hi Chelsea. If the phone only works when connected to the mains, that’s a clear indication of a battery failure. Replacing it with a new one should fix the problem.

There are no special tricks necessary in making sure that a new battery will work properly. Simply use the phone as usual once you insert the new battery and charge it once it’s fully drained. What you should be more concerned of is on how to take good care of the battery in the next coming months. A Lithium-based battery like the one on your Galaxy Note 4 can only last for a few hundred charging cycles before it starts to show signs of aging and eventually end-of-life. The number of charging cycles depends on the user. If you can’t let a few minutes pass without checking your device, you may find yourself charging once or twice a day. Charging your phone at this rate means that the battery may not last a year before it starts showing serious deterioration. Every discharge (using the phone) and charge cycle depletes the battery’s capacity to hold a charge, thereby shortening its ability to keep power in the long run.

That doesn’t mean though you don’t want to make your smartphone battery last longer. But how exactly can you make your battery last longer?

Below are some of the tips that you can try.

Some people would immediately think of apps. Well, there no app in the world that can fix a broken battery. The best way to extend its life is to do good practices and some them are found below:

Disable non-essential services

Your Galaxy Note 4 packs a lot of outstanding features and functionalities but keeping them on throughout the day, even if you’re not using them, can be taxing for the battery. Features like NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, etc, if left on, can drain battery power faster than normal. Make sure that you only leave important features on to save power. Remember, the faster the battery drains, the more charging cycles accumulate in a short time.

Turn off social networking apps

Social networking, shopping, and even messaging apps are some of the most common causes of battery drain. Social networking apps like Facebook or Twitter constantly requests for updates from remote servers. If you set them to sync automatically, they will keep working in the background all the time as they try to communicate with their servers. Such activity requires additional processor computing, which translates to more power requirement.

We suggest that you set the sync options of this type of apps to manual so that you only get updates when you manually sync them.

Delete unnecessary apps

With so many free apps in Google Play Store, users are often tempted to install anything of interest for them. The problem is that no one, except the developer, really knows how exactly a particular apps work. Based on today’s trend, not only is there a security risk in unrestricted app installation, but battery drain can also occur as a result. This is due to the fact that some apps are designed to regularly send or receive update to and from remote servers. Some apps can also appear to self-upload files or do other tasks other than the one it’s been designed to do. Needless to say, the more apps you have, the higher the chance of unnecessary services running in the background.

Lower down screen brightness

Almost all things look beautiful in a Note 4 if the screen is bright and many users want to view things that way. If you are one of them, now is the time to change. Having screen brightness at maximum can significantly consume battery power. If you want to extend your battery life, lowering screen brightness to a tolerable level is an important first step.

Turn off haptic feedback

If you like to feel the device vibrating everytime you type something, now is the time to stop doing it. Haptic feedback drains battery power everytime your device energize the tiny motor that provides the vibrating feedback.

Avoid temperature extremes exposure

Both cold and heat are bad for any electronic device including the Note 4. Make sure not leave your phone outside when it’s raining or snowing. The same is true for heat exposure. Leaving your phone inside a car under the sun will most likely alter the delicate chemical balance inside the battery. Exposure to heat often results to battery becoming deformed which can also physically damage the motherboard.

Do your own research

There are other tips and tricks that you can do to keep your Lithium-ion battery healthy for a long time. Simply tap Google’s power to give you other online resources to do the job.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 4 shuts down on its if not in Power Saving mode

I installed the new update on Saturday and left my phone in normal mode (not power saving) and at some point it started turning off and doesn’t want to turn on unless you plug it in a charger.

It happened a couple of time and the problem remained, shuts down and you can’t turn it on unless you start charging it. Most of the times the telephone had 60-75% battery and after I plugged it in. I was able to turn it on right away.

I tried in Power Saving mode and the issue doesn’t seem to re-occur. The problem of the new Power Saving mode is that it restricts nearly all my background data and I need the information right at the moment I receive it. Furthermore, I have to open most of the apps to check if I have received something which is ridiculously annoying.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Kindest regards. — Valentin

Solution: Hi Valentin. This issue may be similar to Chelsea’s (above) so you also want to look at the possibility that the battery may have failed.

On the other hand, you can also do some basic software checks to see if an operating system glitch can be blamed. We suggest that you try wipe the phone clean by doing a factory reset first. This will help you see if battery is to blame, or if a software glitch forces the phone to shut down on its own. For reference, here are the steps on how to do that:

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Volume Up key.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • Now highlight ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power key to begin the reset.
  • When the master reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key.
  • The Note 4 will restart but it will be longer than usual. When it reaches the Home screen, then begin your setup.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 4 keeps rebooting

I recently started having phone issues where the response becomes very delayed and eventually reboots. I have tried a full master factory reset of the phone, cache clear and even disabled lots of “bloatware” and it will still eventually reset. I have no apps installed. I have not pinpointed at what point it resets. Once it reset, while I was trying to to respond to a text. Another time, it reset when I was just browsing the web. Sometines when it resets, it will hang on the samsung note 4 intro screen. Then I have to take the battery out and keep trying till it eventually reboots. I’m currently typing this on my phone now and didn’t experience any issue during the typing of this response. — Andre

Solution: Hi Andre. Well, as we have discussed above, an issue that can’t be fixed by software troubleshooting is certainly hardware in nature.  Call Samsung or your carrier for a repair or replacement.

Of course, it can also be a battery malfunction so try using another battery to see the difference.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 5 battery won’t fully charge to 100% | Note 5 won’t boot normally

My first issue with my phone was that the battery life, when fully charged only went to 75% and my phone would die before I came back home from school. Recently my phone battery life started improving and the percentage shown would be at 100%, which was fine. Then my phone started shutting off at random times. at first I thought it was related to the battery percentage it was at, but I soon realized it wasn’t. It began to happen more frequently, at first once a day, then twice. I thought it had to do with my battery so I would take it out and put it back in every time and the percentage would be the same.

A couple days ago it would turn off every hour and now my phone won’t even work. When I plug it in the battery sign flashes over and over and over. When I take it off the plug and try to turn in on it will turn on by chance ( one in every 20 tries to turn on)  and I’ll have a 15 second window of my phone working  fine, then it will shut off again. I have dropped my phone a few times but that hasn’t affected it before and haven’t made any significantly big downloads. — Joel

Solution: Hi Joel. The first thing that you want to do is battery calibration. Kindly do the following steps:

  • Charge the phone until the battery level reaches 100%.
  • Drain the battery to 0% by playing some games and doing resource demanding tasks.
  • Charge the battery up to 100% again.
  • Drain the battery to 0% one more time.
  • You should now have a calibrated battery for your Android device.

If nothing will change, make sure that you do the basic software solutions such as wiping the cache partition, booting the phone in safe mode (to see if a third party app is to blame), and performing a factory reset. The essential thing in doing any of last two solutions (safe mode and factory reset) is observation. Be sure to observe how the phone behaves after doing each of them to see the difference. If the issue persists say, after doing a factory reset (and you’ve not installed any apps), you can safely assume that the battery or motherboard may be defective.


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  1. My Galaxy note 4 stops at any point for no reason. It’s not a matter of needing charging. It just cut off. If I plug the adapter in to charge it will stay on but I never know when it will stop. Sometimes it will try to reboot and at times it just dies. Do I need to replace my battery or what? This phone cost me $845.00 in 2015 and this shouldn’t be. What is the fix??

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