Latest leak reveals custom back panels for the Moto Z Style

Moto Z Style Back Panels

#Moto and #Lenovo are expected to unveil the #MotoZStyle on the 9th of June. A new leak is now giving us a brief glimpse of what could well be custom back panels meant for the smartphone.

The back panels are shown in wood, leather and a couple of other variations. Previously, we’ve seen Moto giving users the option to select the default back panels, but having custom additional back panels will be a new approach for the company, although not alien to the industry.

Moto Z Style - Back Panel

The Moto Z Style is also expected to introduce a couple of handy attachments to the Moto Z Style known as Moto Mods. These include a projector, a Hasselblad camera attachment as well as JBL speakers. These would compete directly with the LG G5 and its modular parts, although it seems like the Moto Z Style will have more components at launch compared to LG’s offering.

Source: HelloMotoHK – Google+

Via: Techno Buffalo