Huawei releasing Daydream compatible phone later this year

Google Daydream

Google’s announcement of #Daydream filled us with excitement as it finally showed that the Mountain View giant is taking virtual reality seriously. The company also announced that the platform would require a certain┬ákind of hardware to function, while the likes of the #Huawei #Nexus6P were said to be compatible by default. It seems like Huawei wants to build on that as it has mentioned the arrival of a new Daydream compatible smartphone by Fall this year.

We expect there to be multiple Daydream powered phones to be available in the markets by then, but the fact that Huawei will have yet another is pretty exciting. The company has big ambitions in the mobile industry as it has grown exponentially over the past few years. The Chinese juggernaut has already broken into the top 5 and has mentioned that it would like to compete primarily with the likes of Samsung and Apple in the mobile industry.

Given the kind of products it has in its portfolio, we think this is a realistic ambition, especially since China (its home region) is one of the key global markets. The Daydream platform will open up a new world of opportunities for manufacturers and developers alike as they can create a new VR-based ecosystem thanks to the platform provided by Google, including a dedicated app hub.

Source: WSJ

Via: Android Authority