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Google supposedly working on its own smartphone this year

Nexus - Google

According to a new report coming out of The Telegraph, #Google is seemingly looking to release a new smartphone of its own that would be launched outside the Nexus lineup. It’s yet to be ascertained if this smartphone will actually see the light of the day, but if it does, we don’t expect the software side of things to be any different from Nexus devices.

The only major change here would be that Google would be producing the handset on its own, without the help of companies like LG, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, etc. The Mountain View giant is apparently looking to take down Apple iPhones with this new high-end, feature rich offering.

This would be a major shift in Google’s policies and might somewhat make the Nexus line obsolete. It might even discourage manufacturers from joining the Nexus program, which could end up hurting Google and its loyal fans. The Nexus program has been in existence since 2010 starting with the HTC Nexus One.

We’ll wait for Google to confirm or deny any of this before jumping to conclusions. But as it stands, the Nexus program is pretty much here to stay and even if this report has any weight to it, we don’t see Google completely ditching the Nexus program. What do you make of this rumored Google phone?

Source: The Telegraph 

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