Google slashes $50 off the Nexus 6P for Father’s Day

Nexus 6P Father's Day

The #Google #Nexus6P is now available with a $50 discount now with the company currently running a Father’s Day promotion. The discount applies to all models and makes the premier Nexus flagship slightly more affordable for the customers.

The Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are also receiving a discount, but for $5, bringing down their prices to $30 each. Lastly, the Google Cardboard VR viewer is getting a $5 price reduction as well, which means it will now set you back by just $10.

These are pretty nifty discounts by Google, although customers are bound to find better deals out there. Google is extending the discounts to its Chromebooks as well, so you stand to save a few bucks if you shop from Google until Father’s Day (June 19). If you’re not keen on investing in a smartphone at this point, perhaps getting something like a Chromecast or a Google Cardboard will suffice.

Make sure you hit the link below for more details on the discounts available.

Source: Google