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Google to finally reveal what ‘Android N’ stands for later today [Update: It’s official now]

Android N

#Google announced #AndroidN quite a while ago, with the Developer Preview already available for download. But we didn’t know what the ‘N’ in Android N would stand for. We do know that Google has a tradition of naming its Android versions after desserts and sweets, so the speculation has already begun as to what it would be called. Many suggest that N stands for Nougat, which in my opinion is a fair choice as well.

Google has now increased the buzz and hype behind the name by teasing its arrival. The company’s official Twitter page has mentioned that the name will be revealed later today. Google is using Snapchat for the big unveil, which is a bit of a surprise really. However, it goes to show that the Mountain View giant won’t shy away from using third party social media services to announces its new products.

It is said that Google will reveal the name sometime later today, although we don’t have a specific timeframe yet.

Update: It’s official. Android N stands for Android Nougat. We have issued a separate post confirming the news.

Source: @google – Twitter

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