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Galaxy Note 5 connection issues after Marshmallow update, other issues

Here’s another collection of #GalaxyNote5 issues for you today. We hope that the solutions we provide here will help our ever-growing community.

  1. Galaxy Note 5 connection issues after Marshmallow update
  2. Galaxy Note 5 keeps rebooting by itself
  3. Galaxy Note 5 intermittent SMS issue during the night
  4. Galaxy Note 5 does not power on
  5. Galaxy Note 5 won’t connect to mobile data

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 5 connection issues after Marshmallow update

I am a little gun shy on updating my Note 5 to Marshmallow. This is my THIRD Note 5. Verizon replaced my first one when they had 4G connection issues. when I updated again on the second phone I again had connection issues (documented here on TDG).  I have had the 3rd phone for 2 months…I ignore the update prompt everyday but know there will be security updates I need as well.

Has Verizon/Samsung worked it out and patched the 6.0 update?  Just don’t want to end up with a 4th phone.

Thanks for all you do here. It really helps. — Bryan

Solution: Hi Bryan. There are a lot factors to consider when dealing with post-update issues and 99.9% of them are usually beyond a user’s ability to check. With the current firmware in Galaxy Note 5s, there are hundreds of thousands of potential points of failure. Throw in the apps you install after an update and you are adding more of the same.

Now, an important thing about update that’s often lost to many Android users is the fact that an Android update does not automatically update apps as well. Ignorance of this fact is most of the time the source of frustrations and disappoints come a new Android update. Most of the time, users update to a new operating system without making sure that their installed apps are compatible with the new OS. While there are some apps that may be able to run  with a new OS without problems, many of them can lead to complications. As you can see, an application, in order to run without problems, must be coded properly. In order to minimize bugs when a new Android OS arrives, developers must roll out updates for their products. Not doing so often results to glitches that many Android users attribute to a bad Android OS. If one incompatible app can cause problems, imagine what happens when you have many such similar apps installed.

Now, we’re not saying that Android Marshmallow is a perfect OS and the blame only lays on apps. Far from it. We only want to remind you that other than the factors (which are too many and too technical to mention here) that may cause post-update issues, the most common cause (and something that a user can actually control) is app incompatibility. We know that you want your apps to work after you update to Marshmallow of course but we obviously don’t have control over developers. Users can only let them know about issues but we can’t tell them to update their products right away. Even Google can’t. That said, if you have the same problems with all three Note 5s, it may be safe to assume that reason for the issue is one of your apps. Or not.

As regards your question, whether or not Verizon/Samsung has released a patch, the best thing that you can do is ask them yourself. We don’t work for either of them and right now, we are not aware of any official announcement that indicates they’ve fixed issues you are having. Contact them and give them as many details as possible so they can help you.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 5 keeps rebooting by itself

Phone starts relatively normally. I can swipe to unlock phone and get to home screen but phone will run for only 10 seconds or so before rebooting itself. From there the phone enters a loop of rebooting, running for 10 seconds and rebooting again, over and over.

I have tried starting in safe mode but the issue continues with the same reboot loop.

I have tried wiping the cache partition as well.

I’d really like to not have to factory reset this phone as I have no way of backing it up in this state (I have a backup from a while ago).

Any help? — Sean

Solution: Hi Sean. This type of problem can also be caused by hardware malfunction. If the basic software troubleshooting you’ve tried did not work, you can assume that either the battery is not working properly, or there may be motherboard issue. We still recommend that you try to factory reset the device though to see a difference. If that won’t fix it, then find a way to have the phone replaced.

There’s nothing that you can do to backup files if your phone won’t load normally, or won’t even stay long enough to allow file transfer.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 5 intermittent SMS issue during the night

I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 5 about a month ago and it has given me more problems than I have ever had before. but my main problem i keep having is my texting. it will work all day long but around 10:30 PM, every night it stops working. I reboot it 4 or 5 times…still won’t work. I send and call myself still won’t work. it will only send a few here and there whenever it wants to for a couple hours. Then it’ll work fine again in the mornings. it is really starting to annoy me. Why am I having This this problem? Is it because it’s refurbished or what? Please help. — Tiffany

Solution: Hi Tiffany. If SMS works intermittently during a certain part of the day, it may be a good first step if you can check the possibility of an app causing it. Boot your Note 5 in safe mode and observe it for at least 2 nights to see the difference. If the issue fails to occur while safe mode is enabled, that’s a confirmation of our hunch. To boot your Note 5 in safe mode, follow these steps:

  •  Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • The phone will restart but keep the Volume Down button pressed.
  • Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • You may now release the Volume Down button.

If the problem remains even when in safe mode, let your carrier know about it. This may not be a device issue but rather a network-related one. If you are in a GSM network, you can also insert your SIM card to another device to see how SMS works during the night.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 5 does not power on

Hi! I’m having a big problem with my phone. These past few weeks, it started doing some random restart and lags. I have wiped the cache, downloaded some antivirus apps (thinking there might be a virus but there isn’t), reset factory and it worked… somehow. the random restart was minimal comparing to the one before and then a few days this week, the screen randomly showed “downloading do not turn off the target.”

When this happens, i usually press the power, volume down and home button to do the trick.

This morning, the screen showed “downloading do not turn off the target.” I immediately pressed the power, volume and home button, and to my surprised, it didn’t do the trick. The screen was pitched black and there was a continuous vibration. So I waited for 5 minutes to see what would happened but it kept going. My phone was sometimes unresponsive when I try to check on it.

But today, I charged my phone after it reached 20% of its battery. I let it charge, untouched for 15 minutes until I decided to check for some notification. The LED light shows green which means i have a message from Facebook Messenger. I tried opening my phone but no button responded. I tried the power, volume down and home button but it didn’t work at all. 

I tried several ways of turning it on. I tried performing the soft reset, plugged the phone to charge, plug the phone to my laptop (which made a noise that meant a device was connected to my laptop but when I checked, my phone wasn’t recognised or at least it didn’t show up on my laptop screen. My phone charger is not broken at all I can assure you that because I used it on the other phone.

Please help. Your quick response would really be much appreciated. — Bianca

Solution: Hi Bianca. Well, frankly speaking, we’re just as blind as you are in this situation. If we are to know the exact cause of the issue, a thorough hardware check must be done. We have no way of knowing whether or not the issue is isolated to screen only, or if it’s on the motherboard. We think that the problem may be a bad screen assembly since the phone seems to work and still indicates it’s receiving notifications, but we really can’t say that for sure. There’s also nothing much that you can do because you need the screen to perform troubleshooting. The best option that you can do right now is bring the phone to a Samsung shop so it can be checked properly.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 5 won’t connect to mobile data

Problem is that this phone thinks it has one number for phoning and another number for data!  And it will only connect to Internet /data via wifi – never when there is just phone network coverage. 

The phone was previously used, probably on Orange. It is now unlocked, and with a live contract on the Life Mobile network. ‘Settings>Status’ shows Network = LIFE and ‘Service status’ = In service. If I call or SMS to/from it, everything is fine: it recognises, sends and receives its own new Life Mobile number namely 0797…653. 

OK so that all sounds good, right?.  BUT 1. the phone will not connect to data even though data is switched on and 2.

‘About phone – Status > My phone number’ reveals a completely different number 0742…884!  And ‘Settings > More…>Mobile network settings> Data connection’ says ‘Orange’ and lists the 0742…884 phone number. 

Nothing I do will change this. I have tried: 1. adding a new APN to Life Mobile exact specification, enabling and saving it – it doesn’t appear in the list at all, which only shows a load of Orange options.  2. Amending the existing Orange APN to the Life (EE) settings. 3.Turning Data connection to off. 4. Switching to Airplane mode and back again. 5. Switching off and leaving unconnected. 6. Calling the network carrier helpdesk. 

Nothing has any impact. I still have no mobile data, only wi-fi. 

I have also tried 7. Putting the SIM in a completely different Android phone (also unlocked). This does nearly the same, i.e. the phone works correctly for telephony but “About my phone” gives the same wrong number – however the new APN does save and connect and I get data from the network, not just wi-fi.   

Who will rid me of this ghost old phone number (this problem seems linked to the SIM), and why can’t I save a new APN, and get any data connection (other than wifi) on my primary phone (yet I can with the same SIM on another phone)?  — Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. Of all the things you mention here, one critical information that you seem to fail to mention is the specific help you get from your carrier. An issue like this is best addressed by your carrier and not by a third party like us. The main reason for that is the fact that we don’t have any information regarding your network account status and whether or not it’s provisioned properly. These are things that only your carrier’s customer service and technical departments can check. That said, what we can do to help is very limited in scope. For instance, we have no idea whether there’s an issue with the SIM card you’re using, or if it’s provisioned properly. The safest course of action that you can do to check if the issue is isolated to the SIM card is by asking for a new one from your carrier. If you want your phone to connect to network data, we suggest that you go back to your carrier and ask them for direct assistance.

The other issue regarding your difficulty changing your phone settings like APN to that of Life Mobile/EE can be attributed to the firmware running on your device. Some carriers may provide extra layers of protection to their devices by making sure that some items under settings cannot be changed. That means that users may not be able to change the network settings unless they root the device or flash a different ROM to it. Again, we can’t be certain on this as we are not familiar with every firmware for the Note 5 but we’ve seen this with other devices from certain carriers in the past. Keep in mind that rooting or flashing can potentially brick your device so if you want to do it, make sure that you do it carefully and you’re ready to accept the consequence. Try to look for reliable guides online on how to modify the firmware of your particular phone model.


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