FCC listing reveals possible Nexus Player refresh

Nexus Player

It is largely believed that #Google has shelved the #NexusPlayer. However, an FCC listing has sparked off talk about a newer model hitting the markets soon. This model bears the same FCC ID as the original Nexus Player, but comes with a changed internal circuitry as well as a modified Wi-Fi antenna layout. It’s anybody’s guess as to whether this is a new model or just a rehash, but it does give us some hope.

The Nexus Player is the first device to run Google’s ambitious Android TV platform, but sadly, the market preferred third party offerings (such as the NVIDIA SHIELD) over Google’s own. There were several reasons for this, with the lack of proper marketing being one of them. So would a new model of the Nexus Player make sense? With the right intent, it would.

It’s likely that we’re reading too much into an FCC listing, so we’ll let time answer this particular question. What do you think of a new Nexus Player?

Via: Liliputing