[Deal] Sony Smartwatch 2 for $99.89

SmartWatch 2

Long before Android Wear made an entry into the smartwatch segment, some Android OEMs utilized full blown Android versions to make smartwatches. Sony was one such adventurous OEM and was partially successful with the SmartWatch and the SmartWatch 2. The latter is now available for just $99.89 courtesy of an eBay retailer, which is a decent price tag for a unique Android smartwatch such as this one.

The software is custom built by Sony so it might not be as refined as Android Wear. But even then, the SmartWatch 2 is well worth a look for the sheer value it brings to the table. Smartwatches are a relatively new concept despite being available for over 3-4 years now. However, this particular offering might just get you started on the idea before jumping on to the slightly more expensive models.

Make sure you head over to the eBay link below if you’re interested.

Get the Sony SmartWatch 2 for just $99.89 on eBay!