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[Deal] Quick Charge 2.0 compatible car charger by Aukey for $13.99

Aukey Type-C

Aukey’s Quick Charge 2.0 compatible car charger is now selling for $13.99 on Amazon. The pricing is an attractive one, given how expensive such car chargers can be. For those unaware, having Quick Charge 2.0 support means that devices charge twice or thrice as fast compared to standard chargers. Of course, you will also need to have a compatible smartphone for it to work.


This could well be a limited period deal, so we suggest you hop on board before the stocks run out or the seller has a change of heart. Aukey is a renowned name in the third-party chargers and adapters segment, so you’re in good hands with this particular product. The fact that this particular charger has two ports is a bonus as you could be charging two devices simultaneously.

As a bonus, Aukey is also bundling in a USB-A to USB-C cable and a standard USB-A to micro-USB cable along with this car charger. So the charger will work just as fine even if you have one of the new USB Type-C charging ports on your device.

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