[Deal] LG G Watch in Black for $59.95

LG G Watch

An eBay retailer is now offering the Black #LG #GWatch for just $59.95. For those unaware, the G Watch is one of the first Android Wear devices to hit the markets, so it has a pretty decent value in the mobile industry. The smartwatch is only available in Black though, with the White/Gold version not listed by the seller. The item is seller refurbished.

Since this is Android Wear, you get all the bells and whistles of Android, including easy notifications and some nifty apps as well. Voice commands are front and center on Android Wear, which means you get the power of Google Now on your wrists. While it’s not as seamless as on the phone, Android Wear has come a long way since its inception.

Coming back to the G Watch, it’s a pretty good deal for just under $60, so make sure you give it a look if you’ve been contemplating the purchase of an Android Wear smartwatch on the cheap.

Get the LG G Watch for just $59.95 from eBay!