[Deal] Alcatel OneTouch Watch for $69.95

OneTouch Watch

The #Alcatel #OneTouchWatch was released about a year ago in global markets. This smartwatch can now be yours for just $69.95 from eBay.

The wearable made the news for being one of the few OS agnostic wearables out there. This essentially meant that it was compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, not limiting itself to just one platform. Of course, some of the current-gen Android Wear smartwatches support non-Android devices too, but at the time, the OneTouch Watch was one of the few to do so.

The watch features a fully circular display, unlike some of the Android Wear offerings (such as the Moto 360), which is a key selling point. But given the lack of exposure for the OneTouch Watch, it didn’t do as well as the company had expected. But that doesn’t take anything away from what is a very decent smartwatch. If you’re not looking to invest big on a wearable, make sure you give this one a good look from the link below.

Get the Alcatel OneTouch Watch for $69.95 via eBay!