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You can now learn when your Nexus device will stop receiving software updates

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Nexus device owners are usually left wondering as to when their device will receive a new update. Google has now made it easier to know when and when not to expect an update for your Nexus smartphone or tablet.

In a detailed list, Google has every recent Android device (barring the Nexus 6) with a column titled “No guaranteed Android version updates after“. As a general rule, it’s safe to assume that Google won’t support your device after 24 months.

It’s important to note that this is merely a precautionary list as it mentions the word guaranteed. This means that the devices listed there might be supported, but the users cannot be counting on it as Google doesn’t exactly promise to send out updates after the mentioned date.

This isn’t something that we didn’t know before, but it’s still good to have an idea of how Google is handling the updates issue which has for long been a concern for Nexus device owners.

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Source: Google Support

Via: Android Headlines

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