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Brexit could impact operations of Samsung, LG and Acer in the UK

Samsung Galaxy C7

While the UK might be equally divided on breaking apart from the European Union (Brexit), the repercussions in the tech sphere are already starting to show. According to multiple revelations, Samsung, LG, and Acer are not exactly pleased with this news. A Korean report goes on to say that Samsung might even consider shifting its headquarters out of London.

We are not aware where Samsung would be moving, but this doesn’t bode well for UK fans of the company. The region hasn’t traditionally been a stronghold for these manufacturers and with the Brexit news coming out, imported goods such as smartphones and other peripherals are expected to be more expensive. The fact that the GBP (British Pound) has dropped in value won’t help either.

The Brexit vote saw 51.9% of the UK’s population voting in favor, thus sliding past by a very narrow margin. Thanks to Brexit and the ongoing sales decline from the past few years, we wouldn’t be surprised if the companies slowly phase out their business in the region.

Source: The Korea Herald, Digitimes

Via: Pocketnow

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