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AT&T admits the BlackBerry Priv sales are not flattering

BlackBerry Priv

It’s no secret any longer that the #BlackBerryPriv wasn’t exactly a breakaway success for AT&T or #BlackBerry. As the exclusive provider of the smartphone in the U.S., the carrier has now come out with some not-so-surprising news. The carrier has openly admitted that the sales of the Priv were “struggling”.

An AT&T executive said the following while speaking to CNET – “The BlackBerry Priv is really struggling,” the exec told CNET’s Roger Cheng. “We’ve seen more returns than we would like.” That’s bad news. Cheng said that BlackBerry’s fanbase doesn’t dig Android, even though the company sees Android as the future. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 moving forward.”

Naturally, the executive wanted to remain anonymous, so we’re not sure who exactly said these words. But this statement does go to show that AT&T is not particularly pleased with BlackBerry’s promising offering. As we’ve mentioned before, the pricing of the Priv had a big role to play in its failure to tap into the high-end market. Here’s hoping that more Android phones will come from BlackBerry’s sheds in the coming months, but with a revised pricing strategy, of course.



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