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YouTube private chat now rolling out for some users

YouTube Private Chat

#YouTube is apparently sending out a new private chat feature for some users, allowing them to interact with people within the app. This appears to be a move to keep users of YouTube more engaged within the app and we must say, it is a pretty clever idea. For now though, only a small percentage of users are supposedly getting this particular feature, so don’t expect to find it on a large scale right away.

People probably won’t use the feature until it goes fully commercial anyway, but until that time arrives, it is said that users will be able to invite their friends/family to try out this particular feature. There’s no word on how the users are selected, but we’re pretty sure it’s done randomly, although it wouldn’t be surprising if the YouTube team has only sent it out to its trusted inner circle.

Whatever the case, this is a crucial update and will probably change the way people experience YouTube. Knowing the company’s nature, the feature should be available on both Android and iOS platforms, while a web version should be available somewhere down the line.

Source: Wired

Via: Techno Buffalo

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