T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans are here to stay


T-Mobile’s unlimited data pricing was bumped by $15 last year taking the price all the way up to $95. The company has now mentioned that this tier is not going anywhere, amidst criticism from some users about the pricing being too steep. The carrier is supposedly “comfortable” with the unlimited data plans that it’s currently offering. Some of the carrier’s top executives sat down with an analyst firm called Jeffries to discuss this matter.

The firm said, “the company (T-Mobile) is comfortable with its unlimited pricing, particularly as the network strengthens.” While AT&T and Sprint also offer unlimited data, T-Mobile’s offering is more attractive to users even though it’s more expensive compared to Sprint’s $75 plan.

But with T-Mobile offering most of the streaming services for free using Music Freedom and Binge On, customers find less incentive to use unlimited data. The carrier only allows 14GB of mobile hotspot in this quota, so there’s only so much you can do. However, for those who want to keep using unlimited data, this will be welcome news.

Source: Fierce Wireless

Via: TMo News

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