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T-Mobile takes a dig at AT&T with the new The DeATTh Star Chrome extension

T-Mobile DeATTh Star

T-Mobile and AT&T are not the best of friends as we are well aware. But T-Mobile is always known to be the one throwing punches at AT&T with its social media comments and public announcements from the ever vocal CEO John Legere. Today, however, T-Mobile has gone a step ahead and released a new Chrome extension that basically changes the word AT&T into The DeATTh Star.

The extension can be installed for Chrome and is available for download right away. It’s not known if this is a one-day affair, but the fans are certainly getting a good kick out of it. It is said that company CEO John Legere has even announced special gifts for those with the best use of this extension.

T-Mobile DeATTh Star -2

As you can see from the extensions screenshots above, something like this can infuse plenty of laughs while opening the carrier’s social media account or its official website. AT&T hasn’t responded yet, although we’re hoping they have a sense of humor and let this one slide.

Source: The DeATTh Star (Chrome Extension)

Via: Android Authority

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