Spotify now available on Android TV

Spotify Android TV

#Spotify has now announced its arrival on #AndroidTV, letting customers browse their music library on the big screen. All the standard Spotify Connect features will be applicable here and Spotify will treat this as another device for easy switching between devices. It’s a bit surprising that it has taken the developers this long to come up with this particular app, but we’ll welcome its arrival with open arms.

It might be U.S. only for now, so don’t be angered if you’re not seeing it in your country as of yet. From the screenshot shared by Spotify, it seems like things are pretty simple here and since content is being shown on the big screen, users have more room for their playlists, browsing or just gazing through all your favorite album artwork. This feature is crucial if your speaker system is hooked onto your Android TV and you don’t want to play music on your headphones or from your phone directly.

If you’re in the U.S., you should be able to find the app from the Play Store (on your Android TV).

Source: Spotify

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