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Samsung Pay Mini could be released soon for Android and iOS devices

Samsung Pay

According to a new report coming out of a Korean source, #Samsung could release a toned down version of #SamsungPay, known as Samsung Pay Mini. This new payments service will be compatible with both non-Samsung Android devices and iPhones, apparently. However, it won’t be the same as the regular Samsung Pay that we’ve seen or heard about.

Instead, users will only be able to save their credit/debit cards in the app to make online purchases. So you cannot flash your phone at a nearby retailer to make wireless payments. That’s a bit of a letdown really, but it’s still a notable step from Samsung to bring this particular feature to the masses.

There’s no clarity on when exactly this service will come to fruition, but it’s likely that we’ll see it over the coming months. Availability should be limited to the company’s home region of South Korea, although it should inevitably be available on a global scale as well.

Source: ET News

Via: Android Headlines

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