This Samsung made 6GB LPDDR4 6GB RAM could be on the Galaxy Note 6 this year

Samsung 6GB RAM

#SamsungMemory has just unveiled a new 6GB LPDDR4 DRAM module, which could potentially be used in the Galaxy Note 6 later this year. While the company hasn’t made it apparent that this 6GB RAM will be on board the upcoming Note phablet, it’s a natural assumption to make considering how Samsung usually likes to use the latest tech on its devices.

While many people feel that 6GB would be overkill for a smartphone, we can’t rule out anything when it’s a company like Samsung. In any case, it should come as no surprise if we actually see this module being used with the Galaxy Note 6.

Speaking more about the RAM itself, well, it is made using the 10nm technology, which offers increased efficiency. With some manufacturers eager to use 6GB of RAM on their devices, Samsung might have a growing list of clientele already. What do you think about 6GB of RAM for mobile devices? Is it too much?

Source: HuanQiu – Translated

Via: SamMobile