PieMessage could finally be a secure iMessage client for Android

PieMessage Android

A budding developer named Eric Chee has devised a new way for #Android users to communicate with Apple’s iMessage servers. We must remind you that this is not the first time a developer has promised to bring iMessage on Android. Previous attempts, however, have raised security concerns as messages were supposed to be routed to a third-party server.

But that’s not the case here. As the developer explains, the app will basically bounce off notifications from a Mac. This basically means that you will need a Mac running in the background at all times for this feature to work at all. That’s a big caveat and makes it pretty limited in its approach, but it’s still a start.

The developer has published the entire code for the app, although PieMessage isn’t available yet to those willing to try it. However, if you’re a developer, you can pick up the code over at GitHub and make the necessary adjustments to compile a sweet little APK file for yourself.

Check out the video demonstration from the developer below.

Source: GitHub

Via: 9to5Mac