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OnePlus slashes pricing of the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X

OnePlus X

Well, Christmas has come early for fans of the #OnePlus2 and the #OnePlusX as the company has decided to slash $50 on both the handsets, giving users a lot of extra money to spend on other items such as accessories, cases etc. This means that the OnePlus 2 now starts from $299 and the OnePlus X is as cheap as $199.

Well, if you bought either of the two smartphones over the past couple of weeks, you will be relieved to know that OnePlus will be offering a credit of the discount amount so that you don’t feel left out from this promotion.

To get your discount, you will have to contact OnePlus customer support in the U.S. We’re assuming this is a U.S. only promo for the time being, so don’t be surprised if the OnePlus representatives in your region don’t sound all that excited about this. In any case, it’s extremely good of OnePlus to offer such a promo to the customers and we’re hoping more will follow as we look forward to the release of the OnePlus 3.

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