NVIDIA Shield TV update enables YouTube 4K 60fps video streaming and Netflix HDR


The #NVIDIA #ShieldTV is now getting an update which officially enables support for YouTube’s 60fps 4K content. The 4K support will also make its way to VUDU with this new update. In addition to this, users will be able to enjoy the new Netflix HDR. Netflix has a bunch of titles on its library which supports HDR video, so this won’t remain one of those features that are seldom used by the customers.

NVIDIA is also bundling in support for HDR GameStream, letting you stream PC based HDR games on your console. The update is certainly a big one and users will be pleased to know the kind of work that NVIDIA is putting into its console. The Shield TV is one of the best selling Android TV offerings out there and it enjoys a distinct advantage over its competitors as far as features (game streaming) and hardware are concerned. This is no surprise really as NVIDIA is one of the most reputed names in the GPU industry.

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Source: NVIDIA