Moto Z almost official as company trademarks moniker

Moto Z

Last week, it was mentioned that Moto was rebranding the #MotoX lineup to #MotoZ, which came as a slightly odd but welcoming news for the fans. It seems like this report was pretty legitimate as the company’s trademark application for the Moto Z has just surfaced, suggesting that this device is well and truly on its way to the markets.

Interestingly, the trademark was filed sometime around last week, when word about the Moto Z first broke out. So things are going along pretty nicely for Moto and its upcoming flagship as of now. The manufacturer recently released the Moto G and the G4 Plus for emerging markets and we’re expecting great things from the Moto Z Style as well as the Play.

A recent teaser revealed that there will be a new device announcement on the 9th of June, so we’re not too far away from seeing the new Moto flagships in action.

Source: USPTO (link expired)

Via: Droid Life