Moto Z accessories like projector, JBL speakers and Hasselblad camera leak out

Moto Mods Leak

A new leak has shared daylight on the Moto Mods lineup. For those not in the loop, the Moto Mods are basically accessories for the upcoming #MotoZ flagship. These can simply be attached on top of the device itself, so it’s not exactly like LG G5’s modular components, but pretty much the same in theory. However, we get a feeling that Moto might be taking this more seriously than LG did. Expected to be available directly from Moto Maker, the Moto Mods could redefine OEM made accessories.

Okay, so what are we seeing here? Well, according to @evleaks, this here is the rumored projector accessory, JBL speakers and Hasselblad camera from left to right. The inclusion of Hasselblad equipment makes us pretty excited as it is one of the most reputed camera manufacturers in the world. What this also means is that this particular case might not be easy on the wallets.

Given how fast and heavy the Moto Z leaks are coming, we won’t be surprised if more information (like pricing) is revealed in the coming days. Do you like the accessories shown above?

Source: @evleaks – Twitter